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 Lake Taupo

South of Rotorua, this region is centred on Lake Taupo, New Zealand's largest freshwater lake. The lake itself was the result of a gigantic volcanic eruption and its attractive pumice beaches give it the appearance of an inland ocean. The Lake is known to offer some of the best angling in the world for Brown and Rainbow trout. The lake is framed by the magnificent mountains of the Tongariro National Park to the south and is situated in New Zealand' volcanic heartland. This region incorporates the southern part of the thermal belt that extends from White Island in the Bay of Plenty through Rotorua to Tongariro National Park.


  Hot springs appear in several places around the lake, which is actually a volcanic crater. Just north of Taupo, near the Wairakei International Golf Course, underground steam has been harnessed for electricity generation. One of the few outlets from Lake Taupo is the mighty Waikato River, New Zealand's longest river, which gushes through a narrow chasm at the scenic Huka Falls.
Main Attractions / Activities

  Around Taupo township you can enjoy numerous hot pools and other volcanic and scenic attractions, including Huka Falls, probably the fiercest rapids in New Zealand. Taupo is an excellent base for skiing at Mt Ruapehu, an hour south, or to enjoy the various treks in the park, including the world famous Tongariro crossing. Water sport activities include boats of every kind and these are available for charter. You can also sky dive, bungy jump, raft or enjoy an awesome jetboating adventure right up to the foot of the thundering Huka Falls where 300,000 litres of water hurtle through a narrow chasm every second. Lake Taupo, the Tongariro River and other inflowing streams have for a long-time had an international reputation for their rainbow trout fishery.
The Wairakei International Golf Course is one of the country's premier courses and one of seven in the area. Turangi at the southern end of the lake, is also another renowned trout fishing spot and the base for whitewater rafting on the Tongariro River which flows into the lake.
To get there

  Taupo is a 4 hour drive from Auckland and 5 hours from Wellington. From Rotorua the driving time is 1 hour and from Napier 2 hours.


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