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  Experience: Classic 1960's Bentley Tour
Time: 4 hours (Dubai)
Be transported back in time in a vintage Bentley as you are driven away on a four hour tour of one of the most modern and exciting cities in the world.  With original soft leather seats, stunning fold down wooden tray tables and enhanced interior air conditioning, the aristocratic 1965 Bentley S3 will truly make you feel like royalty while making a round of Dubai's majestic landmarks - the Burj Khalifa, Dubai marina, Atlantis the Palm, Burj al Arab and the Jumeirah Mosque.  Do not miss the opportunity to be seen and photographed by this classic car with Dubai's landmarks as a background.

  Experience: A date in the Dunes
Time: 4 hours (Dubai)
Own the desert for half a day and create an adventure to remember.  Experience both the thrill of a private dune-bashing drive and the serenity of a golden sunset.  Wallow in the glorious views of the desert all around.
Wind down and get settled in a private dinner set-up, adorned with all the trappings of Arabian heritage: tiki torches, carpets, cushions, flavoured shisha, Khawa coffee, dates and everything Bedouin. An authentic BBQ dinner will be in order as you make the most of the night by the campfire under a blanket of stars. 

  Experience: The art of Mixology
Time: 1.5 hours (Dubai)

Witness a demonstration by the head bartender at FAI on the use of proper techniques in the art of making signature cocktail drinks.  Get a hands-on experience in preparing them, and get to sample them on the spot.
Located at the Palace Downtown, FAI provides fantastic views overlooking the mesmerising Dubai Fountain and the majestic Burj Khalifa.

  Experience: Dubai behind the scenes photography tour
Time: 8 hours (Dubai)
Leave your tourist map behind and stop looking at the city through glass windows - time to hop off the bus and walk a mile in a local's shoes.  A seasoned photographer will walk you through the secret spots, back streets and holes in the wall from where he has snapped his award-winning photos.  Time and again he has moved the hearts of many by capturing some of the rawest off-the-radar scenes of Dubai.  Now it's your turn - from contemporary neighbourhoods to the oldest villages and souks, you have 8 hours to understand why millions of people love this city.

  Experience: Tour the Harley Way
Time: 9 hours
Throw on that leather jacket and roar off from the bustling cities up to the rock mountains.  There's nothing like zipping through the winds and riding past the stunning landscapes throughout the seven Emirates.  This may be a guided tour but you can most definitely get lost in the moment.  Come and live the big American harley dream on the roads of the UAE
Saddle up as a passenger, takin gin the magnificent scenery around you.  Everything else you need will be taken care of: petrol, tour guide, photos, videos and a delectable lunch at a swanky hotel or restaurant.

  Experience: Falconry Interaction
Time: 6 hours (Dubai)
Why just watch the birds fly when you can fly them yourself?  Immerse yourself in Emirati culture by learning the highly valued local tradition of falconry.  While being regaled by stories of the past, falconers will let you watch as they launch their falcons into the sky.  Once you get your turn, you'll understand better how these birds of prey have become a symbol of courage, and why the art has survived.  Nudge the falcon's beaks, slightly ruffle their feathers and feel their claws perched on your arm - no other experience could get you closer to nature.  Package includes breakfast and a tour of the Dubai Falcon Souk and Falconry Museum.

  Experience: Walk of Art
Time: 6 hours (Dubai)
The perfect trip for art patrons and enthusiasts - a day long discovery of the Arab culture and discovery of the heart and soul of the Islamic world - one work at a time.  A seasoned Emirati artist will be taking you to Dubai's internationally acclaimed arts centres that celebrate beauty and heritage.  From the historical district of Bastakiya and the bustling art hub of Al Quoz to the sophisticated galleries of DIFC and the eclectic displays of Dubai Design District, this tour delivers a punch.  Your Walk of Art itinerary depends on the exhibits on the day of your visit - but the art scene is so vibrant that you are sure to chance upon some remarkable exhibitions year round.

  Experience: Desert Driving Class
Time: 6 hours (Dubai)
It's one adventure to bash the dunes buckled up in the passenger seat - but its quite another when you're the one behind the wheel.  Keep in mind that desert driving is nothing like your regular commute and safety precautions are best learned from the experts who have been doing it for years.  Aside from getting to know the mechanics of a 4 x 4 vehicle, you will also be introduced to the topography of the desert.  Listen carefully and take note of all the survival tips because you are in for some actual desert driving drills.  Earn your certificate after the high octane adventure and enjoy the rest of the desert with a delicious lunch.

  Experience:  Different Strokes Calligraphy Tour
Time: 8 hours (Sharjah)
Immerse yourself in local art and culture by taking on this Arabic calligraphy class set in a charming Emirati home where you will be treated not as a student, but as a guest.  A respected Emirati artist will teach you how the signature Arabic strokes are done, what they mean and how those points and curves can be incorporated into a painting.  Learn history along the way as you experience a locals home with traditional coffee, tea and home cooked food.  Wrapping up a delightful day, your art guru will lead you across the street where you can savor the golden hour and take photos of the setting sun.



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