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The country that bridges 2 continents, Asia & Europe.   A rich mix of ancient and modern.  It has much to offer the visitor, whether travelling independently or as part of an organised tour group.  Once the heart of the Roman and Byzantine Empires, Turkey also possesses a rich heritage from its Trojan, Selcuk and Ottoman past. 
The principal city Istanbul, formerly Constantinople, is an amazing kaleidoscope of exotic sights, sounds and smells, constantly reminding the visitor of its legendary Silk Road past.  The most spectacular of Turkey's classical sights are found along the Aegean Coast, including the 3000 year old ruins of Troy, made famous by the poet Homer; the ruins of the fabled city of Pergamum, on its historic hilltop and the magnificent temples, colonnaded streets and theatre of Ephesus.
Turkey also offers long stretches of sandy beaches and colourful port towns like Kusadasi, Marmaris & Antalya on its Aegean & Mediterranean coastlines.


Coach Tours (Start & End in Istanbul)

09 day - Seven Churches of Revelation
10 day - Classical Turkey (Small Group Tour)
11 day - Classics of Turkey
15 day - Glories of Turkey
14 day - Marvellous Turkey

  One way coach tours from : Istanbul
6 days - Highlights of Turkey - to Antalya
6 days - Aegean Shore - to Kusadasi
8 days - Western Turkey - to Marmaris
7 days - Western Shore - to Marmaris
8 days - Turkish Discovery - to Kusadasi
9 days - Turkish Riviera - to Marmaris
11 days - Independent Turkey - to Cappadocia

  Small Group Tours

12 day - Authentic Turkey: IST - Fethiye
17 day - Turkish Odyssey - Istanbul Return

Tours ex Marmaris, Cappadocia & Antalya
06 day Western Shore - Marmaris - Istanbul
09 day Mediterranean Experience - Marmaris-Ist

  Tours & Flexi Holidays from : Cappadocia
03 day Cappadocia Cave Hotel Ministay 
03 day Cappadocia & Ephesus Express  
03 day Taste of Cappadocia
05 day Wonders of Cappadocia
05 day Exclusive Cappadocia
  Tours from : Kusadasi
03 day Taste of Ephesus
05 day Aegean Shore - Kusadasi to Istanbul


Cruise options
08 day Gulet Cruise extension - ex Bodrum
10 day Western Cruise - Istanbul to Marmaris


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Short tours & Istanbul sightseeing
02 day Gallipoli short tour options - 5 options
04 day Essential Istanbul
04 day The essence of Istanbul
1 & 1/2 day  Istanbul sightseeing

2019 Options
10 day Classical Anzac (departs 17 April 2019)

  Tours - 2 or more country combo's
11 day Turkey & Greece Highlights
14 day Turkey & Greece Encompassed
16 day Turkey & Greece Encompassed Small Group Tour
22 day A journey through ancient civilisations





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