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This fabulous country has always attracted visitors from all over Europe and beyond.   Many ancient legacies still linger today, in its food, music and traditions, giving Greece a culture which is a unique blend of East & West.   Greece offers endless pleasures for the eager traveller - from exploring the epic ruins and monuments of ancient classical sites like Delphi, or discovering the vivid colour and character of islands such as Santorini and Mykonos, to simply lingering over a glass of ouzo on a taverna's terrace. 

Greece offers a myriad of travelling options all based around Ancient Kingdoms Holidays Flexi Holiday programme.


Tours and sightseeing

Greek Island Cruising & Share a Sail Yachts
  Greek Island self drive & touring   Greek Islands hotels
& island overview

 Athens Highlights  
  Greece and Turkey    Greek Island Hopping    Greek Islands 
 Greece Classical Short Tours
  Celestyal Jewels of the Aegean
  Highlights of the Cyclades     Santorini Hotels : Paros Hotels
 Grand Tour of Greece   Celestyal Greece & Turkey
  Aegean Splendours     Naxos Hotels  :  Milos Hotels
 Athens Sightseeing   Celestyal Cruising Diamonds
  Variety Small Ship Cruises
   Mykonos Hotels  :  Serifos Hotels
   Rhodes Hotels  :  Sinfos Hotels
   Samos Hotels  :  Sporades

  Small Group Tour
  Country Combinations
Crete sightseeing
  10 day Undiscovered Greece
Crete Self Drive: 8,6 or 5 days
      14 day Turkey Greece Encompassed
Crete and the Cyclades
      16 day Turkey Greece Encompassed SGT
Battle of Crete Self Drive
Discover Crete   
      22d Journey through Ancient Civilisations
Crete Hotels 

Flexi Holidays:
Create your own itinerary including your favourite islands and mode of transport between the islands. By prebooking, you avoid the disappointment of hotels being sold out or transport companies being fully booked. You can retain flexibility but also have peace of mind with local assistance on the ground, secure in the knowledge that should a change occur in your itinerary you will be looked after and that you don't need to find the time to check on ferries, accommodation and determining the best route from your hotel to the port.


Coach Tours:
Coach tours are the best way to discover mainland Greece and its main classical sites (Delphi, Olympia, Meteora) in 2,3 or 4 days. They operate in A/C coach and use Tourist or First class hotels.  Each different tour has several departures per week. Most of the tours are bilingual, except on fixed departures dates when the tour can operate in English only.


Starting Point:
Athens is a city of history – be a part of it and stay in the heart of the Plaka - feel the history and atmosphere this area has to offer.


Cruising options:
Ancient Kingdoms Holidays offers a wide range of cruising options to suit your budget and style of travel, from the splendours of Star Clippers tall ships to small motor sailors & motor yachts cruises.


Mix 'n' Match:
Combine your Greek experience with the ancient wonders of Turkey.  Take the ferry from Samos or Rhodes, or fly from Rhodes via Athens and join one of our Ancient Kingdoms Turkey coach tours.

Greek Islands:
some of the most beautiful islands in the world, offering unforgettable scenery, fabulous accommodation and endless opportunities for sightseeing and relaxation.   For details of Greek Ferry routings, costs & travelling time click here


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