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Italy Testimonials 


    Italian Cooking School

My husband and I attended the inaugural week at the Cooking School in July 2013.  We had a fantastic time.  The atmosphere was relaxed and flexible with the chef allowing the group to add extras to the menu e.g. stuffed courgette flowers.  We cooked 4 - 5 dishes each day focussing on local specialities from the area.  At the end of each cooking session we were treated to the Italian long lunch. 

The cooking school was a highlight of our trip to Italy.  It was well run, rustic and relaxed, and I would highly recommend it.

T. Ramsay  - Jul
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Photo: inside the Cooking School


My wife and I have just completed a holiday through Italy and would like to say thank you for your suggestions of hotel and Peugeot Eurolease.  We had a wonderful time and each of the hotels had something special to offer.  I am tall so a big bed is very important to me, and every hotel had a large bed.   All were well situated, and in some cases (such as our hotel in San Remo) had great views. 

The CIT brochure was very comprehensive in the information provided, and we particularly found the city maps useful to guide us in our hotel choice.  Because we were travelling with a car it was  was great to know which hotels had parking available, and often this combined with  whether the hotel was in the centre or slightly out of the hustle and bustle determined our choice. 

Ross - April
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Innovative Travel helped us tremendously with accommodation for our travels in Italy and France.  The accommodation was of a very high standard and placed by railway stations when we needed to be but once we were travelling by car we had some amazing countryside accommodation which was a fantastic experience for us.  At one point a four night stay in one place was ideally placed for us to walk to the local sights and spend some days exploring Provence, with a lovely base to come back to each night. 

It was a lovely surprise every time we arrived at a new 'home' as we were never disappointed.
Thank you so much for your help during a very difficult time for your company and staff in Christchurch.

Geoff, Roberta, Colin & Hazel - May/June
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