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     Indian Ocean Tropical Paradises
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Mauritius is a beautiful island that lies in the Indian Ocean in Southern Africa. Surrounded by coral reefs, Mauritius is a wonderful destination for beach lovers and those who like to dive and snorkel. The Creole cuisine is delicious too.

The contrast of a multitude of colours and tastes, the island, set in its turquoise sea, is an oasis of peace and tranquility.  Mauritius is a melting pot where past and present are smoothly blended together.

Mauritius is often referred to as the 'Star of the Indian Ocean' with safe beaches, gentle seas and a mild tropical climate combined with a legendary Mauritian hospitality which makes it one of the world's most sought after holiday destinations. 


The Seychelles cover an impressive 1.374 million square kilometres of the Indian Ocean.  It is situated northeast of Madagascar and consists of 115 islands of which 83 are names and 46 are permanently uninhabited.

With a land area of 148 square kilometres the island of Mahe, the biggest island of the archipelago and the seat of the Government, constitutes about one-third of the total land area. The two other islands of major importance as to size and population are Praslin and La Digue; 33.6 km and 48 km from Mahe, respectively.

The Seychelles enjoys an equitable climate with temperatures ranging between 24 and 42 decrees Celsius.  The year is divided between the northwest trade winds DEC-MAR: hot and wet), and those of the south east (MAY - SEP : cool and dry).  The periods between the trade winds (MAR,APR,MAY,OCT,NOV) are normally calm and windless.



The Maldives are a cluster of idyllic atolls in the Indian Ocean, 202 are inhabited and 87 are exclusive resort islands.

Underwater coral gardens, swaying palm fronds and glorious white sand beaches are the bid draw cards of this paradise on the Equator, 435 miles southwest of Sri Lanka.

Generally warm and humid, the sun shines all year round, with an average temperature of around 32 - 39 degrees Celsius.  The best time to visit is between late September and April, as this is the dry season.  All year round there is an average sunlight per day of 6 hours.  The average temperature at night is 25°C. On average, it rains between 0 to 4 days per month in the dry season, and from 10 to 18 days per month during the rest of the year. June and July are the wettest months. 



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