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6-day Itinerary

Day 1   Athens arrival & overnight accommodation.  
Day 2
  Depart: Athens (Greece)      11.00 am
Arrive: Mykonos (Greece)    6.00 pm     Depart: Mykonos (Greece)  11.00 pm
Day 3
  Arrive: Kusadasi (Turkey)    7.00 am     Depart: Kusadasi (Turkey)  12.00 noon
Arrive: Patmos (Greece)      4.00 pm     Depart: Patmos (Greece)     9.00 pm
Day 4

Arrive: Rhodes (Greece)       7.00 am     Depart: Rhodes (Greece)     6.00 pm

Day 5

Arrive: Crete (Greece)         7.00 am      Depart: Crete (Greece)      11.30 am
Arrive: Santorini (Greece)    4.30 pm     Depart: Santorini (Greece)     9.00 pm

Day 6  

Arrive: Athens (Greece)         7.00 am

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Mykonos - Beneath its sophisticated surface, lies a quintessential Greek Island. Hundreds of tiny chapels dot this blue and white-washed island with its beautiful windmills. Find a table on the waterfront and bask in the serenity of sunset over its picturesque harbour. Mykonos is also a cosmopolitan place with magnificent beaches and relentless partying until the early hours.


A tour to nearby Ephesus should not be missed, for here history truly comes to life and visitors can get a feel for what life was back in the Roman times. Walking towards the ancient harbour, down a marble road rutted by the wheels of countless chariots, you pass the architectural masterpieces like the Library of Celsus before arriving at the Great Amphitheatre where St.Paul preached.


The place where St. John received his visions and wrote the Book of Revelation during his exile from the Roman Empire. Patmos is located in the South Aegean Sea near the island of Kos. Skala, the harbour area and where most of the residents live, and Chora, the hilltop area dominated by the Monastery of St. John, are the two main "cities" in the island. In Patmos the translucence of the light is remarkable and the landscape gives an inescapable sense of harmony and balance.



Rhodes is characterised as the "Jewel" of the Dodecanese islands. It enjoys an exceptionally mild climate and receives by far the lion's share of visitors. It combines all that is needed in a holiday island; beaches, nightlife, culture, scenery, greenery and comfort. The medieval Old Town of the City of Rhodes has been declared a World Heritage Site.




Heraklion is the largest city and capital of Crete with a lively city centre, stylish boutiques, quality restaurants and buzzing cafes. The capital of Crete and its principal commercial port is just three miles away from the ruins of the Palace of Knossos. Discovered in 1899 and partially reconstructed, the elaborate Palace is believed to contain the Labyrinth of King Minos and was the seat of the Minoan civilisation.




The island of Santorini is the most breathtaking of all the Greek Islands. In the town of Fira white-washed houses, narrow streets, open air-caf├ęs and glittering boutiques cling to steep cliffs, accessible by cable-car or muscle. Santorini is particular famous for its spectacular sunsets and many visit the village of Oia on the northern tip of the island to experience this amazing phenomenon.



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