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Rivers of France

The Rhone, Saone, Dordogne, Garonne, The Seine and The Loire

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BOA  (Bordeaux Cruise)
8 day Gironde, Garonne & Dordogne
Start & end: Bordeaux
  BOS (Bordeaux Cruise)
6 day Discover the Great Bordeaux Wines
Start & end: Bordeaux
  BOQ (Bordeaux Cruise)
5 day Exceptional Wines & Castles of Bordeaux
Start & End: Bordeaux


CroisiEurope River Cruising Videos

On left: Bordeaux (Garonne & Gironde)

On Right: Loire River Cruising


BOP (Bordeaux Cruise)
7 day Renowned land of Plenty
Start & end: Bordeaux
  NSN (Loire Cruise)
6 day Loire Royal Legacy
Start & end: Nantes
  NHN (Loire Cruise)
8 day Loire Royal River
Start & end: Nantes

PAB (Seine Cruise)
4 day Short break in Paris
Start & end: Paris
  SEN (Seine Cruise)
5 day Seine Valley Cruise
Start & end: Paris
  PAF (Seine Cruise)
5 day Paris to the Normandy Coast
Start: Paris  End: Honfleur

HOP (Seine Cruise)
5 day Normandy Coast to Paris
Start: Honfleur   End: Paris
  SIP (Seine Cruise)
6 day Picturesque Seine Valley
Start & end: Paris
  HON (Seine Cruise)
7 day Seine Valley from Normandy to Paris
Start: Paris    End: Honfleur


CroisiEurope River Cruising Videos

On left: The Seine (Paris to Normandy)

On Right: The Rhone River & the South of France

PAR (Seine Cruise)
7 day Seine Valley from Paris to Normandy
Start: Paris     End: Honfleur
  PCN (Seine Cruise)
8 day Paris & the Seine Valley
Start & End: Paris
  ROD (Rhone & Saone)
4 day The Carmague & Rhone
Start: Martigues   End: Chalon

ANT (Rhone & Saone)
7 day Saone & the Rhone Valley
Start: Chalon   End: Martigues
  CHA (Rhone & Saone)
7 day Saone & Rhone Valley
Start: Martigues   End: Chalon
  LYL (Rhone & Saone)
5 day Provencal Rhone & the Carmague
Start & End: Lyon

LMX (Rhone)
6 day Scenery of the Provencal Rhone
Start & End: Lyon

  LSR (Rhone & Saone)
8 day from the Saone to the Rhone
Start & End: Lyon

  PNB (3 cruise combination)
16 day France Encompassed
Start: Paris   End: Bordeaux

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