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Cruising the Danube & Elbe
The Danube River flows through or acts as part of the borders of ten countries:
Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine and Romania.
It is Europe's second longest river after the Volga.

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Imperial Danube Cruise musings (Article by journalist Justine Tyerman)

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6 day - The Beautiful Blue Danube
PAC - Start: Passau  End: Budapest
BUC - Start: Budapest  End: Passau 
  ACA (combo  cruise)
10 day North Sea to the Med
Start: Amsterdam to Avignon
8 day - Vienna & Imperial Danube
Start & End: Vienna   
9 day From the Danube to the Tisza
Start: Budapest   End: Budapest 
  18 day - Danube, Main & Rhine
BUA - Budapest to Amsterdam
ABU - Amsterdam to Budapest
  13 day - Trans European
SBU - Strasbourg to Budapest
BUS - Budapest to Strasbourg
12 day - Blue Danube to Black Sea
LIT: Start Linz   End:  Tulcea
TUL:  Start: Tulcea  End: Linz
11 day - Central Europe/Balkans
Start:  Budapest    End: Budapest
  12 day Holland to Germany
AMB - Amsterdam  to Berlin
BMA - Berlin to Amsterdam 


7 day Baroque & Picturesque Danube
BPA - Budapest to Passau
PBD - Passau to Budapest

  10 day Danube, Balkans, Black Sea
BUE - Budapest to Bucharest
TBD - Bucharest to Budapest
  9 day Berlin to Prague (or vv) on the Elbe & Vltava Rivers
BPG - Berlin to Prague
PGB - Prague to Berlin

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