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 Vietnam Select 'n' Mix options 2018

On your visit to the Kim Lien pagoda, undertake an initiation with a master of calligraphy who is also a Bronze in the pagoda.  The art of calligraphy has been practiced in Vietnam for hundreds of years.  When it expresses more than words, writing becomes an art, and this tour offers you the opportunity to meet one of these artists. 
Learn the history of calligraphy and watch the master at work.  Feel free to ask questions during the demonstration.
Note: guests are asked not to wear revealing clothes such as shorts, sleeveless tee shirts etc.

Ho chi Minh: Calligraphy with a bronze

This 4 hour tour from the back of a vintage Vespa scooter will take you through many parts of the city that are off the general tourist map and offer the chance to experience typical night life of the city like a local. 

Start in China Town and then head into District 4 through busy streets and alleys buzzing with locals seated at street stalls.  Continue to District 3 - stopping along the way whenever it takes your fancy.  The tour continues to a well hidden coffee shop to enjoy local music, followed by a visit to a lively bar for a drink and more music. 

Ho Chi Minh: Saigon after dark by Vespa

You will be taken to a typical garden house to discover Hue's culinary art.  Accompanied by the hostess and her assistances you are invited to try your hand at making some traditional Vietnamese dishes.  The class is approximately 1 hour. 

During lunch you will taste your own creations and sample additional dishes prepared by the hostess, additionally learning more about the history of this beautiful house.

Hue: cooking class at a garden house

Transfer to the peaceful outskirts of Hue.  Once on your bicycle depart on a leisurely tour to Thuy Bieu village, along the way admiring the beautiful landscape - rice fields, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, houses, schools and cemetery. 

Your tour also includes a visit to a homemade incense production household and an opportunity to view the everyday life of farmers hard at work.

Hue: Cycling in rural Hue

Together with your guide explore the street foods which have contributed to Hoi An's foodie fame: Com Ga Ba Buoi (Ba Buoi's Chicken Rice), Banh Mi Phuong (Phuong's Baguette) - American Chef Anthony Bourdain sang the praises of this dish on his TV series "No Reservations" and Cao Lau ....  Visit the best places to eat Hoi An style cuisine with insights into street food from your guide. 

Enjoy a traditional hot or cold tea or coffee at Reaching Out Tea House - a special and unique old-world teahouse known for its tranquility - a havaen after the hustle and bustle of the streets.
Hoi An: Discover street food

This off the beaten track adventure visits a narrow but beautiful lane that normal tour buses cannot access - on the way witnessing the lives of local people: farmers in their rice fields, fishermen returning home and merchants bring their products to market.
Arrive at My Son, the holy land of Champa culture in Vietnam.  The complex was the religious and cultural centre of that kingdom for many centuries, with the oldest temples constructed in the 4th century.  Partially ruined, My Son still has numerous exquisitely decorated and detailed temple and shrines and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Hoi An: Explore My Son Sanctuary by Jeep

Discover Hoi An's countryside with a boat transfer on the Thu Bon river to Kim Bong village.  Here you will have the opportunity to learn about local techniques with the village carpenter. 

Continue by bike through luxuriant greenery: rice, corn and sedge fields, areca nut trees and bamboo to the beautiful village of Duy Vinh - famous for the weaving of sedge mats.  View the techniques used to weave the mats from a local family.  End your exploration with a one  hour boat trip on the Thu Bon River back to Hoi An Town.

Hoi An: Weaving Village of Duy Vinh

Pick up from your hotel is followed by a visit to the market with Ms. Van, a central Vietnamese food expert who loves to share her passion.  The morning market is a chance to witness daily life and get explanations of local ingredients.  After an ice coffee to to Ms. Vans home where she will demonstrate how to cook a dish of your choice (from a list of 50 dishes and more than 20 vegetarian dishes). 

Her fun, enthusiasm and dedication make this a magic time.  After the preparation and cooking comes time to enjoy the fruits of your labour with your fellow classmates.

Hoi An:  Cooking class at Ms. Van's House

If there is one activity worth practicing in order to share for a moment the Vietnamese way of lift it is Tai Chi at dawn.  This traditional art from China resembles dance as much as martial arts, where the decelerated movements are derived from Kung Fu.  Practiced on a daily basis by locals of all ages, it is well known to bring actual, beneficial health efffects.  Take in the soft light and pleasant temperature at the start of the day with the locals.  Start by watching a demonstration by the teacher and his students, and then try for yourself!
Hanoi: Tai Chi in a local park

Activate your sense of adventure and intuition on a treasure hunt in the old quarter of the 36 guilds.  You will have to walk through the paths and small streets of the old quarter in search of a list of well-hidden objects. 

All these 'treasures' are related to the characteristics and specialities of these streets; your search could thus be based on objects, recipes, legends etc and will lead you to meed the bemused inhabitants and vendors.  The bustling streets are the ideal place to experience this playful adventure.
Hanoi: Treasure hunt

'My Village' is the name given to the show which is a new kind of art performance commonly acknowledged globally as 'new circus'.  The show surpasses all limits in place from other art shows in Vietnam over the years. 

The main visuals during the 60 minute show are bamboo basket boats and their use in the daily life of many Northern Vietnamese.

Hanoi: My Village performance


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