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India Select 'n' Mix options 2018

Explore the city in an interactive way - an early morning bike ride. See Delhi awaken to its routine hustle & bustle, and catch a glimpse of the rich mosaic of city life such as pavement newspaper sellers and milkmen etc. 
All this within the narrow lanes of Old Delhi.  Biking also affords the opportunity to admire colonial buildings & urban villages. 
A safe, unique and unforgettable cycling experience.

 Delhi: by bicycle


  Step into the past by climbing down the oldest known step-well in Delhi.  Built to provide drinking water to the city's residents.  The architecture of Agrasen ki Baoli is the result of continuous reconstruction and repair by successive rulers, of which the dominant style is from the Tughlaq period.  Continue to Laxman Rao's tea stall and interact with Mr Rao, a graduate from Delhi University who has authored over 24 novels, plays & political essays inspired by his customers.
Delhi: Agrasen Ko Baoli step well & tea

  Amidst the bustling streets of South Delhi is hidden a pretty and serene lake.  On its banks stand the ruins of an older 13 - 14th century, now a throbbing cultural hub.  Walk through this small area for an extraordinary experience of Indian fashion; quint little kiosks selling bespoke items; exquisite cuisine at the many cafes and restaurants; followed by the chance to relax by the lake.  The clamber through the ruins and lands will reveal many treasures!
Delhi: Hauz Khas Village

  With an astounding number of museums & galleries, the art scent of Delhi is pretty vibrant. In addition to art history there are permanent displays and installations of modern and contemporary works.  There are a vast array of collections at the Delhi Art Gallery in Hauz Khas;The Nature Morte by Peter Nagy showcases contemporary art - including pop art and photographs. The Art Heritage Gallery by the Alkazis is also worth a visit.
Delhi: Art Scene

  Hop on a scooter or pedicab to experience Old Delhi by night. With the traffic gone the lanes are wider allowing space for makeshift stalls.  View the locals families out enjoying the atmosphere and savouring local delicacies.  And just as people start making their way home don't be surprised to see a tireless few queuing up to buy 'nihari' a concoction of slow-cooked meat and spices - the best of which are only available in the early hours of the morning.
Delhi: Evening Street Food

  The Rajputs are the warrior clan of Rajasthan with a history of valour & sacrifice.  During the family visit learn about this rich history as they introduce you to their culinary secrets.  Not only the cooking demo. is unique (as it takes you through the history of its ingredients in easy to replicate recipes) but also because the focus is on local cuisine which is difficult to come across.  Try your hand at cooking or simply sit back and enjoy the meal.
Jaipur: Dine with a Rajput Family

  Old Jaipur is known for its many temples giving a unique religious flavour to the lives of the people.  Lively temples, the sounds of the 'aarti' the smell of flowers all lead you into a spiritual world.  Walk through the lanes, admire the paintings and frescos that adorn the ancient Vishnu temple, take part in an 'aarti' at the Shri Gopinath temple and seek a blessing.
It is also possible to enter into discussions with the temple priest to gain further understanding.

Jaipur: Aarti Ceremony & temple tour

  Explore the heart of Udaipur as you stroll through the old city passing many Jain and Hindu temples, to arrive in the oldest inhabited area.  After visiting the market and 19th century clock tower continue to Bada Bazaar (known for its fabric shops & majari footwear).
At this market shop for ingredients such as fruits, lentils, rice & oils with your cooking expert before proceeding for a cooking demonstration and lunch.

Udaipur: Walk & Cooking Demo
  Of all the historical traditions in Rajasthani painting, the Mewar School is the most distinguished school of Indian miniature paintings of the 17th and 18th centuries.  Simple themes, attention to fine details and bold colours tell tales of mythology, religion and history.
Whether as standalone paintings or as illustrations in manuscripts, these are worthy of attention.

Udaipur: Art Experience


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