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Jane Daniels ~  Innovative Travel Brand Ambassador


The Jane Daniels label is iconic with New Zealand design. High end fashion garments carefully created in New Zealand, from fabric sourced from Europe's and the world's best mills. Jane is an experienced and discerning traveller and as an avid reader of travel literature and biographies, Jane was perfect litmus test for our Ancient Kingdoms Holidays. For the past three years she has acted as our travel ambassador. With Jane Daniels, Innovative Travel found a great synergy. Our companies were established over 20 years ago, with a passion to create I unwittingly chose Innovative Travel 18 years ago.

I have annually collected and kept Ancient Kingdoms Holidays brochures for the one day I will.... Over the past 3 years I have fulfilled some lifelong dreams. Firstly with Ancient Kingdoms a visit to Jordan and unforgettable Petra, the amazing rose red ancient city, hewn by hand from the rock. Last year I journeyed to Turkey and the busy cosmopolitan ancient hub of Istanbul with its beautiful and ancient architecture set against the Bosphorus. Both of these exotic and ancient countries offered memorable insights and I returned inspired with new ideas for design.



view Janes photos of Morocco
  Jane Daniels in Morocco - 2012

Our Grand Moroccan tour has been a continuous series of adventures, with each day unique. 

Kasbahs of red earth that seems to spring up from the desert give way to the soft lilac blue vaulted streets and houses of Chefchaouen, with its cool fresh mountain springs.  This is in contrast to the next day : the hustle of medieval Fez. An ancient medina for craft and trade, a labyrinth of narrow passageways where animals, handcarts and pedestrians combine .We are pressed tight to the wall to avoid the fully laden donkeys, which, by ancient code, and size take the right of way.

Marrakech is cosmopolitan by comparison. We stayed in beautiful sophisticated properties. A short walk can place you in ancient Morocco where we shopped for carpets, ceramics, lamps and antiques. Metal workers, dyers, and Zellig tilemakers, continue their ancient crafts in their own souks as families have done for centuries.

Essaouira is literally our last port of call. An ancient walled fishing town, harbour filled with cobalt blue fishing boats that set out daily from this salty, windy Barbary Coast. Hundreds of seagulls watch the fishermen's every move for their next meal.   .... read more


view Janes photos of India

Jane Daniels in India - 2011

Jane recently travelled on the 'Colourful Rajasthan' itinerary in India, a country she has long held a burning desire to visit, and one that has provided her with many more magical moments travelling with Ancient Kingdoms Holidays.  During her 19 days in India Jane visited Delhi, Mandawa, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Ranakpur, Mount Abu, Udaipur, Jaipur, and Agra and the Taj Mahal. 

Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful regions of India, famous for its colourful and contrasting scenery, architecture, culture and people.  Some highlights for Jane were the floating Palace Hotel on Lake Udaipur, the Rajasthan forts and sunsets, the textiles, the people, and the time spend in Agra with the opportunity to see the wondrous Taj Mahal at both sunset and sunrise ("the best time to visit is sunrise, as there are much less people around at that time of day, and it is much cooler than later in the day").


view Janes photos of Iran

Jane Daniels in Iran - 2010

In 2010 I chose to visit the ancient land of Persia: Iran, a land of hidden gems waiting to be re-discovered.  I went searching for the islamic architecture, a style I have grown to love having seen stunning examples in Venice and in the Alhambra in Granada.  My passion for Persian carpets, calligraphy and richly coloured tiles drew me to the land of the fabled Scheherazade, Aladdin and Ali Baba from the 1001 nights.

Innovative Travel work with the best people on the ground in Iran.  Their efficient system of using local people in each destination not only enabled me to see the key places of interest, but also enabled me substantial insight into the local customs and the way of life - both ancient and modern.

For all my efforts to blend in, I was often pleasantly greeted in English, and often by families wanting to chat and take photos together.  Iranians on the whole are extraordinarily friendly and in Estahan, Shiraz and Yazd I had sympathy for our guide, as it was often difficult to stay on schedule due to the number of families I met, and their offers of hospitality.



view Janes photos of Egypt

Jane Daniels in Egypt - 2009

In 2009, I chose to visit Egypt, civilisation on a grand scale. In Cairo, a mere 20 million people occupy the city at the same time as you. My guide was invaluable, enabling me to get to see important ancient religious sites within the city in a reasonable time. The souks are fascinating and alive with the bustle of trade. Every space is utilised, walk through alley ways to get to shops and shops to get to alleyways. Khans (workshops) open out to face you as workmen ply their trade as the generations before would have over centuries. It was fun to create a keen sense of direction. Bargaining skills are a must.

A Nile cruise aboard the well appointed Tu Ya is surely the tonic after busy Cairo. During long sunny days, we looked out into small hamlets on the Nile Delta from the comfort of a lounger beside the pool, stopping along the way to visit temples built for ancient Gods.  One Temple set itself apart, Abu Simbel and was well worth the short flight. The interior of this temple is total surprise. The UNESCO story of the saving of Abu Simbel makes visiting the site all the more special.

The partnership Innovative Travel has with Elhamy El Zyat on the ground in Egypt sets them apart. Elhamy is an extraordinarily cultured man of learning and passionate about Egypt. This filters throughout his team. Everything on our itinerary not only went like clockwork, it was done with a smile.  I think Egypt leaves you wondering. These astonishing engineering feats took place so very long ago and as an achievement seems to sit apart from time. As you stand next to a Pyramid and contemplate their construction, it makes me wonder why it took thousands of years for the industrial revolution to arrive. 

With Ancient Kingdoms Holidays, there is always another mystery to unravel and  I look forward to my future travels with this inspiring company who have helped us discover the past, with commitment and style


Christchurch Women's Refuge Fund Raiser evening of exotic fashion, travel and charity auction

The Innovative Travel Company, in association with Jane Daniels Design, Westpac and V-base, is very proud to have been one of the main sponsors of the Christchurch Women's Refuge Fund Raiser evening held at the Westpac Hub on the Wednesday 28 March.

The evening consisted of an exclusive preview of Jane Daniels 2012 winter collection, inspired by her recent travel to Rajasthan, with Innovative Travel; an outstanding solo performance by Mandy Pickering, a travel presentation from Robyn Galloway, MD of The Innovative Travel Company and a charity auction with Chris Kennedy of Harcourts. Together the evening raised a total of $20,000 which was donated to the Christchurch Women's Refuge, including an additional generous donation from Westpac.

You can flick through the photos of this memorable evening on our website, or our Facebook page



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